Whether you're new to Blythe or have been around for awhile all the terms and short hand names can get confusing. This glossary can help. If you see something that isn't in the glossary and you think it should be, let me know! You can send me a message HERE.



1/20/12- No longer updated




AA- Art Attack (SBL) Released June 2004

AB- Asian Butterfly (EBL-02) Released Sept. 2002

ABe- Asian Butterfly Encore (SBL) Released Oct. 2005

ADG- Ashton Drake Gallery Reproduction Blythes. Sold in the USA.

ADG AA- Ashton Drake Gallery Aztec Arrival

ADG GG- Ashton Drake Gallery Golden Goddess

ADG KK- Ashton Drake Gallery Kozy Kape

ADG LL- Ashton Drake Gallery Lounging Lovely or Love 'N Lace

ADG MM- Ashton Drake Gallery Medieval Mood

ADG PP- Ashton Drake Gallery Pleasant Peasant, Pinafore Purple, Priceless Parfait, or Pretty Paisley

ADG PWP- Ashton Drake Gallery Pow Wow Poncho

ADG RR- Ashton Drake Gallery Roaring Red

AE- Angelica Eve (RBL) Released Nov. 2007

AZ- Ahcahcum Zukin (RBL) Released June 2010

Aztec- Aztec Arrival Inspired (BL-6) Released Feb. 2002

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B2H- B2HOLic (RBL) Released Oct. 2011

BaBr- Baby's Breath (RBL) Released Aug. 2009

BB- Bohemian Beat (EBL) Released July 2002

BBABohemian Beat Again (EBL) Released June 2003

BBB- BlackBerry Bush (SBL) Released March 2006

BlBl- Bloomy Bloomsbury (FBL) Released March 2009

Birdie- Birdie Blue (SBL) Released July 2004

BK- Blythe Kingdom. A forum for Blythe lovers. LINK

BL- The original Takara mold. It featured a stock boggled look and a Licca body. This mold is no longer produced. LINK

Blythealizer- Used to test out new make up colour schemes for customizing Blythes. LINK

BlytheLife- A Blythe blog with great articles, tutorials, give-aways and more! LINK

Blythopia- Lists of all Blythe dolls in order of release date. VERY helpful! LINK

Boggled- The process/result of shaving plastic from the eye mechanism to create a more wide-eyed look with less eyelid showing. LINK

BPBohemian Peace (RBL) Released July 2010

BS- Border Spirit (RBL) Released Sept. 2011

BV- Beatrice Vest (RBL) Released Oct. 2009

BWT- Bow Wow Trad (SBL) Released Aug. 2008


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C9B- Cloud 9 Bowl (SBL) Released Sept. 2007

CA- Casual Affair (RBL) Released July 2009

CaCh- Cappuccino Chat (RBL) Released Jan. 2009

Carving— referring to the carving on a Blythe face around the lips, eyes, or nose. It is a customization technique. LINK

CB- Cherry Berry (EBL) Released Feb. 2003

CC- Candy Carnival (SBL) Released May 2005

CCC- Can Can Cat (SBL) Released May 2008

CE- Petit de’jeuner Champs Elysees (RBL) Released July 2011

CG- Cinnamon Girl (EBL) Released Feb. 2002

Chalks- "Pastel Chalks" used for customizing. The pastels are used on sand matted Blythes to create eyeshadow and blush.

CO- Cousin Olivia (SBL) Released Sept. 2008

CP- Cinema Princess (SBL) Released June 2005

CS- Cassiopeia Spice (RBL) Released Jan. 2010

CTB- Christina the Bride (SBL) Released July 2008

CuCu- Cute & Curious (SBL) Released Feb. 2006

CWC- Cross World Connections. A company involved in the production of Takara neo Blythe dolls.

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DaBi- Dainty Biscuit (RBL) Released Sept. 2007

DB- Disco Boogie (EBL) Released April 2003

DD- Dottie Dot (BL) Released March 2002

Deboxing- This refers to taking a NRFB doll out of her box.

Diva- Darling Diva (RBL) Released June 2006

DLG- Dear LeLe Girl (RBL) Released Apr. 2010

Dome- the hard plastic head, underneath the seperate scalp.

Dylon Dye- See Rit Dye

DxB- Doronjo x Blythe (RBL) Released Feb. 2009

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Earrings- Only a few Blythes have pierced ears. Some come with stock earrings. LINK

EBL- "Excellent" mold. The second mold produced by Takara, featuring a wide, round face and a new non-bendy body. Similar to the BL mold except no boggled eyes. This mold is no longer produced due to the mold breaking. It was released in 2002 LINK

EFD- Eleanor the Forest Dancer (RBL) Released July 2008

EHW- Excellent Hollywood (EBL) Released Feb. 2003

Encore- A Blythe that has been reproduced and re-released by Takara, usually with a different face mold. Ex. Asian Butterfly, Tea For Two, Piccadilly Dolly, etc…

EP- Enchanted Petal (SBL) Released Nov. 2007

Etsy- Shopping website. Everything handmade or vintage & an abundance of blythe clothes & accessories. LINK

Eyechips- These are the removable plastic irises. They can be taken out and replaced with custom eyechips.

Eyechip foils- The circular foil placed under eyechips to enhance the colour. You can also place patterned paper behind the eyechip for an interesting effect.

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Face-Up- The customizations done to the face plate of a Blythe doll. Including, but not limited to: Sandmatting, new eyeshadow, painted lids, carving (lips, nose, eyes), etc...

FaPa-Fancy Pansy (EBL) Released July 2003

FBL- stands for fairest. It is a Blythe face mold. The first few FBL girls were matte and were limited or exclusive dolls. Since there were problems with the matte faceplates, CWC started producing shiny girls instead. They also changed the lip shape when they started producing FBL girls as regular releases. Released in 2009

FF- Frosty Frock (SBL) Released Nov. 2008

Flange- the extra rubber 'tab's around the rim of the scalp. They tuck into the gutter around the perimeter of the dome, thus holding the scalp on securely

Flickr- Photograph sharing website where most folks go to show off their dollies! LINK

FrFr- Friendly Freckles (RBL) Released Feb. 2009

FruPu-Fruit Punch (EBL) Released Sept. 2003

FS- For Sale. Used on the buy/sell forums.

FT-French Trench (SBL) Released June 2004. Also FT = For Trade. Used on the buy/sell forums.

FTS-Feel The Sky (SBL) Released Jan. 2007

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Gaze Correction- Shaving a small amount off the t-bar, for a direct/upwards gaze, as opposed to a stock downward gaze.

GG- Groovy Groove (SBL) Released Oct. 2004

GNC- Good Neighbour Cafe (SBL) Released Aug. 2005

Goldie- All Gold In One (BL) Released Dec. 2001

GR- Gentle River (RBL) Released May 2007

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HaHa- Happy Harbour (RBL) Released Feb. 2008

Hair Colors- Axxessorii's Blythe Resource gives a nice reference list of hair colors. LINK

HB- Honey Bunny Once More (SBL) Released July 2006

HH-Hello Harvest (RBL) Released Aug. 2007

HM- Heart of Montmartre (RBL) Released April 2008

HoshiHoshinonamida Hime (RBL) Released Sept. 2011

HW- Hollywood (BL) Released Oct. 2001

Hybrid- A doll made up of two different stock dolls 1) body & face plates 2) scalp

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IH- Ichigo (Strawberry) Heaven (RBL) Released Dec. 2006

ILYIT- I Love You, It's True (SBL) Released March 2004

IR- Ice Rune (RBL) Released Jan. 2009

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Jenna- Fashion Obsessed Jenna (RBL) Released July 2009

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Kenner- The original Blythe manufactured in 1972. LINK to Kenner Releases. 

KMT- Kiss Me True (RBL) Released May 2010

Kozy- Kozy Kape Inspired (BL) Released Dec. 2001

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Licca- refers to the customization of Blythes by changing out their bodies to a Licca body. Licca's have bendable arms and most believe that this is better for posing. They tend to be floppier and skinnier than their Takara counterparts. The feet are also bigger. LINK

Limited- refers to a Blythe that is released in a limited quantity(usually 500-1000). Often these Blythes are only avaliable from certain retail stores such as Toys R Us. Limiteds can also be Blythes that are designed by a special person or company. They are also sometimes refered to as exclusives.

LJM- Le Jardin de Maman (RBL) Released May 2009

LK- Last Kiss (RBL) Released Oct. 2006

LL- Lounging Lovely (SBL) Released May 2004

LM- Love Mission (EBL) Released July 2003

LnM- Love and More (RBL) Released May 2010

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MaMa- Matryoshka Maiden (RBL) Released Dec. 2008

MaMe- Marabelle Melody (RBL) Released Sept. 2010

Market Value- This is the price that you can sell an item or a Blythe for. It can be higher or lower than the purchase price depending on the supply vs. demand.

MBF- My Best Friend (SBL) Released June 2007

MCC- Paradise by Mono Comme Ca (SBL) Released July 2004

MIB- Mint. In. Box. A Blythe that has its box and is in origianl condition, but has been taken out of the box, or the box has been opened. 

Middie- Announced in September of 2011, Middie is the newest addition to the Blythe family. She is right in-between a petite and a neo. Her eyes move from side to side, but do not blink or change colors. Her head tilts from left to right as well. LINK to Middie releases.

Milk- Lil' Heart by Milk (SBL) Released Dec. 2004

MiSpMidnight Spell (RBL) Released Oct. 2010

Miss A-Miss Anniversary (BA) Released June 2002

Mitten- Mitten by Blythe (SBL) Released Nov. 2004

MLC- My Little Candy (RBL) Released Feb. 2009

MM- Mod Molly (SBL) Released Dec. 2007

MML- Margaret Meets Ladybug by Mamechiyo (EBL) Released March 2005

Mohair- Made from goat hair and used in re-rooting Blythe hair. Use locks, not Roving.

Mondie- Mondrian (BL) Released June 2001

MPG Manuheali'i Paradise Girl (RBL) Released Sept. 2010

MRB- Mademoiselle Rosebud (SBL) Released Aug. 2009

MRM- Mrs. Retro Mama (RBL) Released Oct. 2007

MS- Merry Skier (SBL) Released Jan. 2006

MSC- Mr. Super Clear. MSC is the spray that most people prefer to use in Spray Matting.

MSR- Miss Sally Rice (RBL) Released Aug. 2008

MW- Meowsy Wowsy (RBL) Released Dec. 2011

MWS- Milky Way Sugar (SBL) Released July 2008

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NF- Night Flower (SBL) Released June 2006

Nike- Courtney Tez by Nike (EBL) Released July 2003

NL- Nicky Lad (RBL) Released July 2010

NM- Natasha Moore (SBL) Released March 2008. Also can mean Near Mint.

NP or NoPop- Nostalgic Pop (RBL) Released Feb. 2010

NRFB- Never. Removed. From. Box.

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OKM-Odekake Kimono Musume (SBL) Released Dec. 2007

OOAK- One Of A Kind

OTS-Over the Stripes (Happy Every Day) (SBL) Released April 2003

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PAM- Princess à la Mode (RBL) Released Aug. 2007

Parco- Parco Limited (BL) Released June 2001

PCM- Precocious Candy Mushroom (SBL) Released May 2008

PM- Phoebe Maybe (RBL) Released May 2011

Prima Dollies- sets of Blythes released in groups of 3. They are less expensive on the primary market(about $100USD) and have less stock. Some limited sets have been released as well.

PD1A- Prima Dolly Ashlet (SBL) Released Aug. 2006

PD1Ae- Prima Dolly Ashlet Encore (SBL) Released Jan. 2007

PD1G- Prima Dolly Ginger (SBL) Released Aug. 2006

PD1V- Prima Dolly Violet (SBL) Released Aug. 2006

PD2A- Prima Dolly Aubrey (RBL) Released Feb. 2007

PD2Ae- Prima Dolly Aubrey Encore (RBL) Released Jan. 2007

PD2E- Prima Dolly Ebony (RBL) Released Feb. 2007

PD2S- Prima Dolly Saffy (RBL) Released Feb. 2007

PD2Se- Prima Dolly Saffy Encore (RBL) Released Jan. 2007

PD3As- Prima Dolly Ashletina (SBL) Released Dec. 2008

PD3Au- Prima Dolly Aubretina (RBL) Released Dec. 2008

PD3Vi- Prima Dolly Violetina (SBL) Released Dec. 2008

PDAA- Prima Dolly Adorable Aubrey (RBL) Mar. 2009

PDAm- Prima Dolly Amaryllis (SBL) Released July 2008

PDC- Prima Dolly Cassis (RBL) Released Sept. 2007

PDHS- Prima Dolly Heather Sky (RBL) Released Mar. 2009

PDL- Prima Dolly London (FBL) Released Aug. 2009

PDM- Prima Dolly Melon (RBL) Released Jan. 2007

PDMa- Prima Dolly Marigold (RBL) Released Dec. 2008

PDP- Prima Dolly Peach (RBL) Released July 2007

PDPa- Prima Dolly Paris (FBL) Released Jan. 2010

PDPe- Prima Dolly Peony (SBL) Released July 2008

PDT- Prima Dolly Tokyo (FBL) Released June 2009

PDWW- Prima Dolly Winsome Willow (RBL) Released Mar. 2009

Petite- A 4-5 inch version of a neo Blythe. Eyes do not change colour, but close when laid down. LINK to Petite Releases.

Picca- Piccadilly Dolly (EBL) Released Sept. 2002

PiccaE- Picadilly Dolly Encore (SBL) Released Sept. 2006

PP- Inspired by Pinafore Purple (SBL) Released Feb. 2005. (Also in reference to Plastic Paradise, the Blythe Forum now known as Blythe Kingdom.)

PrPoPrairie Posie (RBL) Released Dec. 2010

Puchi Collective- A website full of information, patterns, and tutorials. LINK

PuPe- Punkaholic People (RBL) Released Aug. 2009

PWP- Very Inspired by Pow Wow Poncho (SBL) Released Dec. 2003

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QFE- Quoted for Emphasis. Used on the forums when a good point is made.

Q-Pot- Princess Milk BisQuit Q-Pot (RBL) Released Jan. 2009

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RaRi- Rachel's Ribbon (RBL) Released Feb. 2012

RBL- "Radiance" mold. The fourth mold produced by Takara, featuring the largest eyes yet. Some people feel this mold is the closest to the original Kenner. It was released in 2006. LINK

RCC- Rendezvous Chou Chou (SBL) Released Dec. 2005

RDP- Rainy Day Parade (SBL) Released April 2007

Re-Ment- These are sets of minitures from Japan. They are 1/12th and 1/6th scale and they usually come in blind boxes. There are very many different types of sets including food, furniture, and toys. A few sets have items that are too small for Blythe, but most work very, very well. The clothes and shoes fit Blythe bodies. LINK

Rerooting- The process of changing the hair of a Blythe by putting new hair on her scalp. There are different methods of doing this including the knot method, the lock n' loop method & wefts.

RIT dye- A dye that customizers use to dye Blythe hair. It involves using boiling water and dunking the scalp into the dye. Also called Dylon Dye. LINK

RN- Rouge Noir (EBL) Released Dec. 2002

Roxy- ROXY Baby (SBL) Released July 2005

RR- Rosie Red (BL) Released Oct. 2001

RRe- Rosie Red Encore (SBL) Released May 2006

RSRaspberry Sorbet (RBL) Released Feb. 2011

RW- Ribboneta Wish (RBL) Released Dec. 2009

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Sand Matting- It involves using sand paper or sponges to sand a Blythe’s face. The purpose is to make it less shiny or glossy. Sand Matting takes off the makeup and sometimes can not be as ‘Matte’ as using Spray Matting. Most times the shine can be buffed back using a clean t-shirt type of material. Also the paper is usually easier to find.

Saran- A soft & silky style plastic hair used when re-rooting a Blythe.

SB- Sunday Best (SB) Released March 2002

SBB- Simply Bubble Boom (Shiny FBL) Released June 2010

SBL- "Superior" mold. The third mold produced by Takara, featuring smaller eyes and a more pointed heart-shaped face. It is still being produced and it was released in 2003. LINK

SCSimply Chocolate (FBL) Released Oct. 2010

SCCStrawberry n' Creamy Cute (RBL) Released Mar. 2011

Scalp switch- Switiching the scalp of one mold with another mold's scalp. SBL and RBL actually are fairly easily interchangeable. (RBL to SBL also works. RBL and SBL will go on EBL but will be a bit large on top. EBL DOESNT Work on SBL OR RBL but will work on ADG.)

SG- Simply Guava (RBL) Released Apr. 2010

SH- Sunshine Holiday (RBL) Released Apr. 2009

Simply girls- Much like Prima Dollies they are sets of Blythes released in twos. They are less expensive on the primary market(about $100USD) and have less stock.

SL- Simply Lilac (RBL) Released Sept. 2009

SM- Samedi Marche (EBL) Released March 2004

SMa- Simply Mango (RBL) Released Apr. 2010

SMe- Samedi Marche Encore (SBL) Released Oct. 2005

SMF- Strawberry MilleFeuille (SBL) released May 2006

SnSoSnowflake Sonata (RBL) Released Feb. 2011

SP- Simply Peppermint (RBL) Released Sept. 2009

Spa (or Spa Day)- This refers to several things. 1) Sending a Blythe to a customizer to get her customized. 2) Washing her hair. 3) Any kind of customizations done to a Blythe.

Spray Matting- It involves using a spray to matte a Blythe’s face. The purpose is to make it less shiny or glossy. Spray Matting might wear off eventually, but it's easy to spray them again. It keeps their makeup, but it might build up under the nose or in ears.

SD- Skate Date (EBL) Released Nov. 2002

SS- Silver Snow (SBL) Released Feb. 2004

SSD- Superior Skate Date (SBL) Released Dec. 2003

SSSSimply Sparkly Spark (FBL) Released Nov. 2010

STA- Save the Animals (SBL) Released July 2007

Stands- There are several types of Blythe stands; ADG, Licca, EBL, Clover, and Standing Ovation. LINK

StarD- Star Dancer (RBL) Released Nov. 2006

StSa- Stella Savanah (RBL) Released Dec. 2009

STT- Simply Thumpty Thump (FBL) Released Aug. 2010

SVSimply Vanilla (FBL) Released Oct. 2010

SVB- Sunday Very Best (SBL) Released Mar. 2004

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T42- Tea for Two (EBL) Released March 2003

T42e- Tea for Two Encore (SBL) Released April 2006

T-Bar- A small plastic 'T' shaped piece that sits in the eye mechanism.  It can be altered to lift the downwards gaze of a blythe.

TD- Tweedly Do (SBL) Released Feb. 2005

TF6- Tommy February 6 (SBL) Released Oct. 2005

TG- Tailor Gibson (RBL) Released March 2007

THM- Ten Happy Memories - Hope (RBL) Released June 2011

TIB- This is Blythe. A BOOK as well as a WEBSITE created by Gina Garan. The website features a FORUM and a SHOP as well as other things for Blythe lovers. 

TnT- Tarts and Tea (RBL) Released Feb. 2010

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UC- Urban Cowgirl (RBL) Released Nov. 2009

UT- Ultimate Tour [Momolita] (RBL) Released March 2007

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VAVinter Arden (FBL) Released Dec. 2010

VCB- Very Cherry Berry (EBL) Released Oct. 2003

VL- Veronica Lace (RBL) Released Oct. 2008

VM- Velvet Minuet (SBL) Released Jan. 2005

VS- V-Smash (SBL) Released March 2005

VV- Very Vicky (FBL) Released August 2010

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WMA- White Magic Afternoon (SBL) Released Jan. 2008

WMM- White Magic Morning (SBL) Released Jan. 2008

WMN- White Magic Night (SBL) Released Jan. 2008

WTB- Want to Buy. Used on the buy/sell forums.

WW- Welcome Winter (RBL) Released Jan. 2008

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YNH/ Yuki-Yuki no Namida Hime (RBL) Released Dec. 2006

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